Happy 4 years! 

Anonymous asked: Top 5 Ziall moments?


1. "i just wanna make you smile, is that okay?" "yes, zayn, i love you" because first off, super supportive of zayn, niall is so surprised and pleased, AND THEN THEY SING TOGETHER? AND SHARE THROATY BOY-GIGGLES OF DELIGHT???? COOL OKAY. SURE

2. lovely sincere WHOLLY UNNECESSARY smooches

3. whatever the hell this was

4. MIRRORING. MATCHING. CAREFUL NOSE BOOP. “I’VE GOT A PROTECTION OVER HIM, LIKE HE’S MY LITTLE BRUVVAH.” every time i get to this part in THIS IS US my heart turns into a fist and i punch the sky


5. this is— i just— i can’t even with this grab-n-grind. this is actually probably one of my favorite 1D ship moments of all time tbh. aggressive niall is such a rare sighting but ugh look, what a gift


Imagine, you’re married to neymar.  ”Hey honey, im starving can you please make me some toast?”

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Turin, 06/07.


if you tickle me it’s either going to lead to kissing or an extreme act of violence


i’d buy an audio book of harry styles reading the dictionary

If it makes you feel aliiiiiiive